Interior Montessori Lyceum Oostpoort


Interior Montessori Lyceum Oostpoort, Amsterdam (2020-2021)

Team: Dafne Wiegers, Harm Freymuth, Sam Vork, Siân McGrath, Tom Vermeer
Advisor: Herman Hertzberger

The new interior of the Montessori Lyceum Oostpoort is open and colorful, but not traditionally school-like or childish, as Montessori said: we must learn how to call upon the man which lies dormant in the soul of a child. Due to changing learning and work needs in this digital age, the interior was in need of renewal. An open, bright space with natural materials and loose-fixed interior elements encourages collaboration, and the playful fabric nooks serve as flexible work, meeting, and waiting areas. Imaginative and transparent, homelike and yet structured: a real Montessori school interior.

Polderweg 3, 1093 KL Amsterdam

Gross floor area

340 m2


Stichting Montessori Scholengemeenschap Amsterdam


Project management: WKBA

Main contractor: Ditt Officemakers with Heutink

Interior builder: Schröder Interieurs

MEP: Loohuis Installatiegroep


Teo Krijgsman