Hertzberger Park, Apeldoorn

Hertzberger Park, Apeldoorn (2016-2019)

Herman Hertzberger, Laurens Jan ten Kate, Dafne Wiegers, Jeroen Baijens, Harm Freymuth, Jeroa Amanupunnjo, Tom Vermeer, Martijn Beemsterboer, Rebecca Petrani and Francesca Caccioli

The Hertzberger Park will revive the former Centraal Beheer building, which has by now become an icon. The building is transformed into innovative apartments with all kinds of amenities, a prime example of integral sustainability through reuse. Where optimism, meeting and regeneration come together. And where ideas are actually being realised. We make a building that not only performs well from an energy point of view, but also expressly provides a pleasant living environment, interacts with the city, cleverly deals with resources and facilities, and offers innovative initiatives. Therefore, this is going to be the place in Apeldoorn for living, business and meeting with meaning and energy.

In June 2015, Certitudo from 's-Hertogenbosch acquired the former headquarters of Centraal Beheer in Apeldoorn, and since then we are working together on the redevelopment of the building.


Prins Willem-Alexanderlaan 651, 7311 NB Apeldoorn

Gross floor area

45.000 m2


Certitudo Capital


Structural engineer: Aronsohn

Installation consultant: Boink Project & Energiemanagement B.V.

Building physics consultant: ZRi

Project management: Certitudo Capital

Landscape architecture: OKRA Landschapsarchitecten


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Centraal Beheer offices, Apeldoorn

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