Stralauer Halbinsel housing, Berlin, Germany

Stralauer Halbinsel housing, Berlin, Germany (1996-1997)

Herman Hertzberger, Laurens Cobben, Henk de Weijer, Folkert Stropsma, Roos Eichhorn, Cor Kruter, Andrew Dawes

Withing the master plan for the Stralauer Halbinsel we were able to design two blocks ourselves: a long stretched building block which crosses the road and one in the north-east corner of which the curved part offers a view towards the water. The curved block accesses the plaza through a triple-height gateway-like opening. It is otherwise defined by larger-than-life balconies offering the most magnificent views. These very spacious balconies are juxtaposed on each floor in such a way that they all project to the front and to the side. These balconies comprise a loggia-like secluded part as well as a more open and extraverted terrace-like part either with two storeys of vertical clearance or entirely open to the sky. The secluded part is screened off from neighboors on one side. This design enables you to sit outside without being observed and without being obliged to take notice of the neighbours, or, if you prefer, to choose a more 'outgoing' position with a view of the other balconies.


Bezirk Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Am Speicher 10, 10245 Berlin, Germany


VEBA Immobilien AG


Uwe Rau


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