Orpheus Theatre, Apeldoorn

Orpheus Theatre, Apeldoorn (1999-2004)

Herman Hertzberger, Patrick Fransen, Cor Kruter, Dickens van de Werff, Pieter Benschop, Ariënne Matser, Kim de Man, Marijke Teijsse, Wing Ung

The plan for a new concert and music-theatre auditorium, foyer, and theatre café, the extension of conference facilities, and the renovation of the existing Orpheus Theatre, conference centre and restaurant blends the new and the existing facilities. The complex has an open location in an area fringed by large trees, whereby the existing building with entrance and foyer is situated on the city side and the new part is surrounded by a pond on the Veluwe side. Thanks to the flowing connection between the old and new building it was possible to aim for contrast as regards the materials and form. In the plan the foyer spaces are linked together, creating a street through the building where all the public functions are situated. This offers visitors a view of the surroundings and links the two entrances, as well as giving passers-by an enticing view of the foyers. The two theatre blocks and adjoining volumes are brought together under the curved roof of the main auditorium.


Churchillplein 1, 7314 BZ Apeldoorn

Gross floor area

14.000 m2 (9.500 m2 nieuwbouw, 4.500 m2 renovatie)


Theater & Congres Orpheus


Herman van Doorn, Maarten Sprangh and Ruud Ploeg