CODA café, Apeldoorn

CODA café, Apeldoorn (2018-2019)

Herman Hertzberger, Rebecca Petrani, Harm Freymuth, Dafne Wiegers

The library in Apeldoorn and CODA together will get a new entrance building (designed by Hans Ruijssenaars), between both buildings. Adjacent to this entrance building will be the CODA café. The new CODA café is not only a place to grab a quick cup of coffee before you go through the museum, but it will be also a destination in itself. A special place for a nice lunch, a drink with friends or just to enjoy reading in the cozy atmosphere. With two terraces on both the street and garden side there is always a perfect spot in the sun.

"CODA consists of 'places' that are open to many different activities and functions." Herman Hertzberger


Vosselmanstraat 299, 7311 CL Apeldoorn

Gross floor area

350 m2


CODA / municipality of Apeldoorn

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