CODA, Apeldoorn

CODA, Apeldoorn (2000-2004)

Herman Hertzberger, Cor Kruter, Heleen Reedijk, Laurens Cobben, Giel Groothuis, Folkert Stropsma, Henk de Weijer, Ariënne Matser, Kim de Man

The periphery of CODA was defined by the building lines of the city block in the making, so that the existing 'House for Fine Arts' is enclosed in something resembling a courtyard. The stairs fronting this fine-arts house were drawn into an undulating indoor landscape covering the museum space below, half of which is tucked underground. Programme-wise the building is in fact a multiple-occupancy building which besides museum accommodation includes an extension to the adjoining public library plus the municipal archives, with a reading room, offices, study spaces and a restaurant. All these components face outwards through an all-glass skin which stresses their accessibility as well as giving a view through to the courtyard. This transparent basement cum display case is topped off with a hermetically sealed box housing the municipal archives. Entirely without fixed walls, the large museum space is for the most part sunk beneath the courtyard where its curved roof makes for a rippling street surface.


Vosselmanstraat 299, 7311 CL Apeldoorn

Gross floor area

9.000 m2


Municipality of Apeldoorn


Herman van Doorn, Bjorn Kiezenberg, Christian Richters, Cor Mooij and Jan Derwig

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