Extension Chassé Theatre, Breda

Extension Chassé Theatre, Breda (2016-2020)

Herman Hertzberger, Jeroen Baijens, Martijn Beemsterboer

The Chassé Theatre designed by AHH  will get extra cinemas. These cinemas will be added as new rounded volumes to the existing building, making them visible in the lobby. Both spaces will accommodate about 50 people. To make the cinemas accessible, a new staircase will be added, which will swing through the foyer. The stairs not only serve to go quickly to the cinema spaces, but the visitor moves upwards together with the staircase, and sees a spectacle unfolding below of the free-formed foyer and the other visitors. Cinema visit becomes more than just watching a movie: it's also watching each other, seeing and being seen, an evening out.


Claudius Prinsenlaan 8, 4811 DK Breda

Gross floor area of the addition

332 m2


Chassé Theatre


Structural engineer: ABT

Installation consultant: ABT

Building physics consultant: dGmR

Main contractor: de Bonth van Hulten B.V. Nieuwkuijk

Interior design: M+R