Omnibus, Arnhem

Omnibus, Arnhem (2007-2015)

Herman Hertzberger, Jop Voorn, Geert Mol, Jutta Groosman

The new Schuytgraaf neighbourhood is typed as 'Arnhem in the Betuwe'. The neighbourhood is a stone's throw from the Betuwe natural area and is layed out spaciously with lots of greenery. The new extended school is called Omnibus, meaning "for all". That says a lot. Because there are no less than 6.250 new homes in Schuytgraaf, divided into 25 characteristic neighbourhoods. Omnibus has a sports hall, childcare and three elementary schools. The assembly hall is also suitable for theatre performances.

The ambition was to make a building that is convincingly adaptable to subsequent changes and additions, leaving no uncontrolled chaos of elements, but retaining its own distinctive identity. MFC Omnibus was built LEAN within a short time frame.


Pallas Atheneplein 2, 846 XA Arnhem

Gross floor area

9.235 m2


Municipality of Arnhem


René de Wit, Edwin Arendts, Laurens Jan ten Kate, Jop Voorn and Dafne Wiegers