MFA De Wiardt, Groningen

Extended school De Wiardt, Groningen (2018-2021)

Laurens Jan ten Kate, Martijn Beemsterboer, Harm Freymuth

This multifunctional accommodation (MFA) is the first building in Groningen in the 58 years of existence of AHH, as well as the first earthquake-proof building. The MFA is a powerful appearance in the neighbourhood. The post-war neighbourhood De Wijert is a typical residential district with units that consist of a combination of single-family detached homes and apartments. The heart of the neighbourhood is formed by a shopping center and two prominent residential buildings around a central pond. On the north side there was a temporary library, a primary school and a sports hall from the 1980s. These three buildings are being replaced by MFA de Wiardt and a new sports hall. The MFA is the northern termination of the pond.

MFA De Wiardt offers accommodation to three users, the Groninger Forum (library), a Christian Primary School De Tamarisk and the Kids First daycare center. A spatial layout over two floors has been chosen. These are connected by means of a grandstand staircase. The grandstand staircase was introduced in 1983 at the Apollo schools in Amsterdam. These were designed by Herman Hertzberger, the founder of AHH. On the side of the Van Idekingeweg on the ground floor the Forum is located. Kids First is located on the other side.

Educational spaces and Forum can be shared with each other and can be made suitable for more purposes with little effort. If the MFA is such a success that the student numbers are going to rise, the roof terrace can be converted into extra educational space. All spaces can be closed off separately, but can also be shared or used double for different purposes; this ultimately yields more than individual buildings for each function.

For MFA de Wiardt, the municipality of Groningen has high sustainability ambitions, all of which are realised:

  • Energy performance coefficient of 0.0 (EPC = 0)
  • GPR Building ≥ 8
  • All-electric

"The design of AHH is beautiful and meets our sustainability requirements, and it also fits perfectly with the environment. [...] Together with the users, we have come to these new plans and the accompanying concept. A prime example of co-creation that the municipality of Groningen applies more and more. A result to be proud of as a Groningen education alderman! " Ton Schroor, Alderman Education municipality of Groningen


Van Iddekingeweg 183, 9721 CG Groningen

Gross floor area

2.201 m2


Municipality of Groningen


Structural engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek

Installation consultant: Deerns

Building physics consultant: dGmR

Project management: abcnova

Main contractor: Brands


Teo Krijgsman