Raffaello primary and secondary school, Rome, Italy

Raffaello primary and secondary school, Rome, Italy (2005-2012)

Herman Hertzberger, Andrea Marlia, Dickens van der Werff

Located in a new area in a suburb Romanina of Rome. The complex consists of a combination of a 10-class primary school and a 6-class school preparing for secondary education. The teaching sections of both schools can be made separate and have separate entrances with play areas below the level of the surrounding area. The schools are grouped along a central axis – shifted one storey with respect to each other – on which the communal dining area and communal, open auditorium-like space are also located. The building comprises repeated basic units, building blocks, so to speak, which can house four classrooms but have a flexible layout. Like traditional Roman houses these basic units are grouped around a patio. The building can be extended with more basic units.


Via Giuseppe Capograssi 23, 00173 Rome, Italy

Gross floor area

4.800 m2


Municipality of Rome


Marco Scarpinato - AutonomeForme, Palermo


Herman van Doorn and AHH

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Schooldomein wrote an article about the school Twickel College Hengelo, in which Laurens Jan ten Kate of AHH and Merle Busscher, team leader of the school were interviewed.

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