Faculty of Science, David de Wied building, Utrecht University

Faculty of Science, David de Wied building, Utrecht University (2006-2011)

Herman Hertzberger, Laurens Jan ten Kate, Harm Freymuth, Jutta Groosman, Francine van Loon, Heleen Reedijk, Steven Reisinger

The new Faculty of Science is located as a freestanding building on a prominent site of the Utrecht University campus. Approximately half of the building contains laboratories and the rest provides education and work space on various and open floors, grouped around the central hall. This atrium-like space is directed to the outside in a covered outdoor area with an open classroom, where there is an opportunity of open air events. The 'oval' freestanding building, as an island on this area, is on the border between the inside and outside and provides all opportunities for meetings, which all contribute to social cohesion.


Universiteitsweg 99, 3584 CG Utrecht

Gross floor area

19.500 m2


Utrecht University


Structural engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek

Installation consultants: Deerns

Project management: Brink Groep

Main contractor: Hurks van der Linden B.V. Sint Michielsgestel

Landscape architect: DS Landschapsarchitecten


Herman van Doorn and Jeroen Musch