WeBuildHomes (2015-2016)

Laurens Jan ten Kate, Harm Freymuth, Jeroen Baijens, Sumeyra Kaba, Dafne Wiegers, Lindsey van de Wetering

Just imagine being able to select your own, personal, architect designed dream house. A sustainable house at an affordable price and with low energy bills. Is that really possible? It is at WeBuildHomes. WeBuildHomes believes that everyone is entitled to great architecture, personal style and optimal layout; all at the price of an ordinary terraced house. WebuildHomes is an online portfolio packed with unique houses, designed by different architects.

AHH developed the Zitkuilwoning and the Tubehouse.

The Zitkuilwoning (conversation pit house) is designed from the inside. The outside is simple and functional, the inside is a spatial experience. The ground floor is the most special floor. Here you enter in the kitchen, after which you can descend and go up again towards the garden. These changing floor heights provide a dynamic perspective. In addition, you can use the edge of the pit as a chair, or the side of the pit with cushions as a backrest. The conversation pit is a rare phenomenon, so definitely an eye catcher in the house. On the other floors, the rooms are located on either side of the central staircase. With voids and open stairs, each floor is in contact with each other. Due to the two roof lights above the stairway, beautiful daylight is shining through the voids and open stairs into the conversation pit. This house has no entrance portal because it's better to add that space to your living space. The only closed room on the ground floor is the toilet, for the rest it is spacious and light, with patio doors opening into the garden. The other floors offer more privacy. These spaces are suitable for sleeping or quiet work and study.

No house gives  so much living space as the Tubehouse. No corridors, no space-consuming staircases, but a 'tube' that brings you all the way up from of the kitchen to the top of the house. Beam me up! The exceptionally large living kitchen on the ground floor has beautiful patio doors opening into the garden. As you use the tube to rise to the upper floor, the living continues with the living room providing spacious views through the large windows. The ceilings in this lofty space are extra high. Between these two living floors is a functional sleeping floor with bathroom. Separate toilets are located on the ground floor as well as on the first floor. With the tubehouse you can live in a design oasis, for the price of a townhouse. The slick white façade is made of white stucco and large windows. Behind this sober modernist facade lies a rich interior full of surprises. The tube is a central element. Even in the bathroom, the tube can be seen as a round wall, a more unique bathroom does not exist.

Gross floor area

146 m2