Canal house, Amsterdam


Canal house, Amsterdam (2021-2023)

Dafne Wiegers, Arne de Gans, Harm Freymuth, Sam Vork, Siân McGrath

This 17th-century canal house is getting the necessary update, bringing back light and air and restoring historic elements to their original state. In addition, the house is made more sustainable and insulated. Due to the many renovations over the years, the interior had acquired a somewhat messy and not very spacious character. When it is open and light again, the oak beams, original painted ceilings, and wooden and marble floors will stand out even better. The high Empire windows are being restored as original sliding windows, and will soon give a beautiful view of the lively canals again. Each floor is different and will have a different colour scheme, matching the historical elements, so that you end up in a different world every time you go up the stairs.




Structural engineer: Strackee

Building Physics: moBius consult

Main contractor: De Nijs

Technical building systems: HIG and DIBO

Monument advisor: Kees Doornenbal