Fire station Hilversum

Fire station Hilversum (2005-2008)

Laurens Jan ten Kate, Henk de Weijer, Haik Hanemaaijer, Wouter van Alebeek, Arjan Simons, Arianne du Clou

The new fire station of Hilversum is prominently located in the city: situated at a huge pond across a school by Dudok, and near the inner ring of the city. The location is however complicated by the limited available space. This has made the logistics of the fire station and the outer area integral parts of the design. Good cooperation with the specialists of the fire station Hilversum has made the result a clear and well thought-out building.

The ground floor next to the entrance is entirely occupied by the garage and the various work spaces. The living room and bedrooms are located on the mezzanine on the first floor. The offices, classrooms and gym are located on the upper floor. Around and between two large indoor gardens is a working environment created, where open and closed workplaces, pantry’s, meeting rooms and a restaurant are positioned.


Kamerlingh Onnesweg 148,1223 JN Hilversum

Gross floor area

4.500 m2


Municipality of Hilversum


Jeroen Musch 

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