Fire station Dwingeloo

Fire station Dwingeloo (2008-2011)

Laurens Jan ten Kate, Oscar Backus, Henk de Weijer

This pavilion-like building is situated within the green surrounding of Dwingeloo, along one of the village’s most important access roads. The shape of the building resembles a pebble stone that suits the scale of the picturesque medieval village and landscape. Because of it’s curved corners the building naturally blends in within the site. The fire trucks are stored in a glass depot, showing the alertness of the fire department to the outside world. The supporting program is situated on two sides of the depot. On the first floor the dining area is organized in an open floor plan around a core. This part of the building has a steel façade with subtle curves. The continuous window strip offers a magnificent view over the area. It varies in its height and thus creates a spacious gesture where it’s wide and a more intimate space when narrowed down.


Valderseweg 77, 7991 BD Dwingeloo

Gross floor area

530 m2


Municipality of Westerveld

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