TivoliVredenburg wins Rietveldprijs 2015

Photo: Luuk Kramer

The Board of the Rietveldprijs Foundation announces on behalf of the jury that the Rietveldprijs 2015 is awarded to TivoliVredenburg.

With Herman Hertzberger and Patrick Fransen of AHH together with Jo Coenen Architects & Urbanists, Architectuurcentrale Thijs Asselbergs and Pieter Bannenberg of NL Architects. The jury under the direction of Jacob van Rijs unanimously chose the new music building. "TivoliVredenburg witnesses that courage and vision do not belong to a nostalgic past but still exist. It also shows that the creative act yields an architecture that provides an equally essential as a surprising contribution to the life, experience and usefulness of the big city." Read more in this press release of the Rietveldprijs (Dutch only).

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Opening organ TivoliVredenburg


Photo: Foppe Schut for the Volkskrant.

Forty years ago, the Utrecht Music Center Vredenburg started to save for a concert organ. During the Early Music Festival, it sounded for the first time.

Organ TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht