Model Ministry of Social Welfare by Nederlandwordtanders

The Ministry of Social Welfare is the starting point for a model that is both a homage to the Utopian thinking of Constant Nieuwenhuys and to the idealism that underpinned this building and structuralism.

Rijksbouwmeester Floris Alkemade, in collaboration with Nederlandwordtanders and DoepelStrijkers, will show on the IABR 2016-THE NEXT ECONOMY (April 23-July 10) 'Utopia as an Option. Indexing social affairs for the next economy.' An entry that refers to the importance of utopian thinking and the desire for social added value. In a maquette and accompanying digital explanation, structuralism and now vacant building of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Employment in The Hague is taken as a starting point, coupled with contemporary innovative initiatives that are found and stimulated by Nederlandwordtanders.

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