Nieuwe Veste opens on January 25


A cultural market hall as a meeting place for all people from Breda. That is the character of Nieuwe Veste, which is almost finished after the major renovation.

The institution containing the library and the center for the arts officially reopens on January 25. A few details to fix and the work is done, after three years of preparation and a year of demolition and construction. The institute continued to operate as usual during the mega job. "We first talked a lot with people about what could be improved; employees, our visitors, experts," says director Gertjan Endedijk. "Then we made the design with the architect, after which we started renovating."

(Joost Klaverdijk, Brabants Dagblad, November 17, 2019).

Nieuwe Veste officially opens during the cultural night on January 25, order tickets here.


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