Sports facilities MCO enter new phase with sustainable and future oriented DD


A new building without a gas connection? For many people, it may be a bit unusual. But in MCO, sustainable alternatives for heat and energy will be embedded.

The design process for the new sports facilities for Montessori College Oost continues at full speed, and this week the definitive design has been completed. In partnership with BBP, a very sustainable building has been designed: full electric, solar panels, heat pump, LED lighting, water saving toilets and for example night reduction and weather-dependent regulation. Not only the installations have been thought through, also with the materials the ecological footprint is taken into account.

Building gas-free has the future. We need to switch to buildings where electricity is the energy source. 'All electric', with preferably green electricity. Montessori College Oost takes the lead here, by not just building sports facilities, but incorporating the green future in the buildings. And can be shown off, also in the look of the building.

The new expansion catches the eye, from afar the contoured, organic roofscape can be seen. This gives sports in Oostpoort its own and fresh flagship. 


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